In Memory of Bryant Williams

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of the sudden passing of our dear friend, environmental advocate, environmental justice activist and amazing father Bryant Williams. Bryant was kind, humble and a brilliant communicator. He was able to ignite a fire in the hearts of many he met and leave them a better version of themselves when he parted ways. When we were planning the Untrouble the Waters Summit, he was the only person we felt could command a room of energetic and angry people about lead and freshwater. We saw him as a unifier, a listener, a sharer…a leader. Bryant was the very best of each of us in the form of a beating heart. His advocacy work reached many but it was his spirit that affected all. Arms crossed and usually looking down his nose (because he was so tall lol) he listened with his whole self. He made you feel like your words mattered because to him they did. Each person mattered to him, each conversation was valuable to him, each moment he was the best person he could be for us. We all are mourning the loss of this bright spirited Bryant but each of us is celebrating his life and the legacy he leaves and the charge for continuing to fight for environmental equity and justice. We thank you dearly Bryant for all that you gave to us at the UIC FWL.

–Mila K. Marshall