Great Lakes Digital Storytelling


We have learned to make sense of the world by integrating our perceptions into a narrative experience, which naturally includes human activity at the center. But how do we tell the story of a body of water? While its past, present, and future are interwoven with ours, we rarely acknowledge these links and the legacy that defines our current relationship.

What themes emerge as we more closely examine our relationship with the lakes?

What factors most heavily influence the trajectory of its story?

Can we reimagine this relationship to our mutual benefit?

Summit 2017 Working Group



Panelists include:

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The afternoon session will engage participants in testing and responding to early versions of the Lake Michigan Digital Storytelling Site, the Water Story MKE story app, and the Great Lakes Commons story map.

Lake Michigan Digital Storytelling Website

The Lake Michigan digital storytelling project aims to expand upon the familiar hydrological cycle to represent the hydro-social cycle – the network of environmental, infrastructural, and cultural systems by which we collect, use, and dispose of water – through the use of narrative structure.

The digital storytelling working group will review a prototype of the Freshwater Stories website to explore effective ways to participate in the unfolding narrative of our relationship with the lakes.

Please bring your laptop or tablet to participate in the working group.